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Your website needs to be technically competent to attain the visibility it deserves. We provide complete Technical SEO Services.

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What is Technical SEO and Why is it Important?

Technical SEO refers to making sure that your website is aligned with search engine rules or guidelines and can thus be crawled and indexed without any issues. The main targets of a technical SEO audit are to analyse a website's current SEO status and find out which areas should be improved to facilitate users’ journey online.

Today, Google can give a low ranking to websites with poor structure, slow page load time, and unexpected redirections. If these technical SEO issues are not diagnosed, there is a possibility of a huge fall in ranking and natural traffic. As the top organic search result gets almost a third of the clicks, a decline in position will negatively impact your business.

Our services

Our Technical SEO Services

Over the last decade and a half, we’ve launched hundreds of websites for different brands and helped them boost their sales every month. We can do the same for you.

Technical Audit

Technical SEO auditing ensures your site is optimised to be search engine friendly and gives visitors a smooth browsing experience. For many of our clients, the technical audit is measured through the site crawl ability, indexability status and, in some instances, related to UX issues.

Ongoing Technical Analysis

Every website without a skeleton in technical SEO is highly likely to perform incompetently. Website usability is paramount for customers to pass the informational steps to the purchase completions without any hindrance.

Migration Support

If you do not do it correctly, website migration could prove less effective than expected. We are proud to have a team of technical SEO experts who will work side by side with your developers or any web development agency to ensure a smooth and successful site migration.

Technical SEO Consultancy

Our in-house team specialises at the level of a technical SEO consultancy and offers practical recommendations for the business. You may have a particular project you would like to work on or a clean slate to start with; we have the expertise to guide you in handling technical site issues that affect SEO.

Site Speed Audit

A slow site has enough potential to influence its performance in the results pages negatively. Our team of SEO specialists will conduct a thorough site audit to identify speed issues and thus improve users' interactions with your website.

Our process

Our Expertise On Technical SEO

From the technical side, SEO influences Google's ability to understand a webpage. A domain with high technical health will always perform in the best possible ways, allowing search engine crawlers, renderers, and interpreters to do their job effectively for each page.
There are many companies dedicated to technical SEO, just like many businesses compete against each other. Although they can be tempted to work with a different agency, most SMBs eventually opt for our technical SEO company. For the first year, 91% of our clients stayed with us and renewed our partnership in the second year of their SEO campaign.
Turbocharge your site speed and watch your organic traffic spike. Technical SEO for WordPress and other CMS is central to online success Utilizing the right technical SEO strategy, you can simply highlight the site problems, quickly act to fix them and make sure all of the on-page SEO elements are working correctly.
We do not simply make sure that everything mentioned in the technical SEO checklist is done. SEO is not only about ticking off a technical SEO checklist. We know that technical search engine optimisation is the key to success in every SEO effort. This means that SEO Agency London comes up with technical SEO strategies that are tailor-made for your website and strive to optimise your site's technical features.

Technical SEO Challenges We Tackle

Besides the technical SEO umbrella, there are also a lot of disciplines that need to be considered. Each one has its own difficulties, which is why the members of our team became experts in everything connected with technical issues. undefined


  • Site architecture consultancy
  • Website migrations
  • Progress web applications
  • Ecommerce platform analysis
  • JavaScript SEO
  • Website auditing
  • Server log file analysis

A Technical SEO Agency That Actually Knows SEO

Our customers need to work with a technical SEO agency which is not only acquainted with SEO and possesses practical knowledge of it but also applies it to our site. The achievements of our clients who have adopted our SEO techniques and our own SEO results are an indication of the viable SEO solutions. As your professional SEO partner, you can count on us that we are going to use the same best methods when optimising your website.